Monday, December 31, 2012

Glitches, by Marissa Meyer

Not to be confused with Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer is the author of the Lunar Chronicles, a high-tech futuristic fairy tale series for young adults. Glitches is a short prequel to Cinder, the first novel in the Lunar Chronicles, which introduces the character of Cinder, an orphaned cyborg who is transplanted to a new and confusing life with yes, a mean stepmother. The richness of detail in Meyer's writing draws the reader into the world of the Lunar Chronicles, and the fast-paced story Glitches is a fast read that's sure to leave readers hungry for more. Fortunately, the next volume of the Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet, is set to debut in February.

Glitches is currently available for free (through January 3rd) for Nook or Kindle, or look for it on

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