Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks, by Priya Krishna

Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks is the ultimate "un-recipe cookbook." It provides real-life instructions on how to prepare basic meals, without exact proportions or fussy steps. Plus, a variety of options are provided that make these meals a cinch to assemble with low resources or for finicky eaters. For example, instead of using a specific meat, the list of ingredients frequently features "Pick Your Own Protein," which is explained to include meatless options as well. Although the premise of this book is for college students, it is a great first cooking book for anyone living away from home for the first time or otherwise unaccustomed to cooking. The meals are simple and easy to prepare, which also makes it ideal for those with little time to cook and who are often eating alone. Despite their simplicity, these meal ideas are classier and more nutritious (well, in many cases anyway!) than the title might imply. A+.

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